Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Breaking News: Late-term abortionist James Pendergraft loses appeal; suspension stands

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgToday Orlando, FL, late-term abortionist James Pendergraft lost his appeal in the 5th District Court of Appeal, and the suspension of his license by the FL Board of Medicine stands.

According to a court document filed today, "Dr. Pendergraft violated sections 456.072(1)(k) and 458.331(1)(g) when he performed a third trimester abortion in his clinic, which is not a hospital."

pendergraft.jpgNext, Pendergraft "violated section 390.0111(1)(a)... which prohibits third trimester abortions unless two physicians certify in writing to the fact that, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, the termination of the pregnancy is necessary to save the life or preserve the health of the pregnant woman."

Third, Pendergraft violated "section 390.0111(1)(b)... because he did not certify in writing "to the medical necessity for legitimate emergency medical procedures for termination of pregnancy in the third trimester, and another physician is not available for

Finally, "the [Administrative Law Judge] found that there was clear and convincing evidence that Dr. Pendergraft committed medical malpractice."

There are no details on the news yet. Unknown is whether any or all of Pendergraft's 5 clinics will have to close during his suspension. Also unknown is whether criminal charges will be filed.

Baby Rowan, the subject of the movie 22 Weeks, was aborted alive in 2005 at 1 of Pendergraft's mills. Workers refused his mother's pleas for help.

Pendergraft's license was suspended in 2006 for the same reason.

In 2001, Pendergraft was convicted of extortion and spent 46 months in prison.

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