Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Pray for Stellan

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Pray for Stellan

Hi all, this is MckMama's sister, Hilary.

My sister ended up taking Stellan to the ER this afternoon. As I'm sure you know, Stellan has been having many break-throughs of SVT and performing vagel maneuvers just isn't going to suffice anymore for Stellan's long-term plan.

After a bit of trying, they were able to get an IV into Stellan's foot and successfully converted him by using adenosine. As per Dr. B's orders, they are admitting Stellan into the PICU and will further decide what to do from here. It seems as though some new combination of medicines will need to be tried to keep Stellan's SVT under control.

UPDATE: I just spoke with my sister on the phone (6:30pm central time) and Stellan has flipped back into SVT.

So please join me in praying for healing of Stellan's heart and for peace in the hearts of my sister and her family as they deal with this stressful situation.

Lord, wrap your arms around my sister and her family. Fill them with peace and trust as they travel through this "storm." You are our Comfort, our Shelter and our Healer. We beseech you, Lord, to interevene right now and cause Stellan's heart to beat in the rhythm it was meant to! Help us to keep our eyes focused on You. Amen.

Thank you all!

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