Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Liberty and Justice for All?

Notice the right side bar? Medical facts as well as adoption options are listed under medical facts.Under Action Links you will find several links to sites that will direct you on a path to get involved in the fight against abortion. Under Bog List you will find highly effective blogs that are well known and reliable for the newest information available. Organized for Life feed covers endless ways to get involved.

I want to get personal for a minute.
I found out yesterday that my baby sister (20 yrs old) is pregnant! She is due Jan. 18 2009. I am thrilled. My parents and grandparents are thrilled. My sister and her husband are thrilled. My middle sister is thrilled. My middle sister has had two miscarriages. She cries often for her losses and suffers a condition making it very difficult to conceive. I have two beautiful daughters. Our baby sister is now expecting. My middle sister is still empty handed. I can't begin to understand why she is faced with this emptiness. I don't understand. I do know however, that there are babies killed daily in the name of 'choice' while my wonderful loving sister has an empty womb and a heavy heart. I want nothing more than to put a stop to legal abortion. But I want to uplift adoption. Make adoption less expensive and less painful. Make adoption well known, not a closed door. I am sad. I feel like freedom can go too far. When we tear apart sleeping infants in the womb in the name of freedom, we have given our soldiers who fight for freedom a bad name. I don't want my tax dollars to fund abortion. I don't want my flag to stand for abortion tolerance. What happened to Life, Liberty, and Justice for All?

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