Monday, May 4, 2009

Hope for the hopeless

Today is Monday. Like any other Monday, chores, bills, errands, and a game of catch-up are on my to do list.

Chores: laundry, dishes, picking up around the house. These are all important, but my girls are playing by themselves because I don't have time for them.

Bills: very important and necessary as a good steward of my money I should pay all who I owe, but there are hungry or hurting people that I forgot about on my mission to complete my to do list.

Errands: also necessary, the book I needed from the library is in high demand and would be gone if I didn't pick it up today, but there were people affected by the storms that could have used my help today.

Catch-up: always a game I play, though I never find it enjoyable. Where could I volunteer my time? After all, those dust bunnies will still be there tomorrow.

Let us not forget to stop, breathe, and pray today. What does God have on our to do list for us?

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