Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a cryin' shame

My mission - my prayer is this; that anyone reading this will be fueled with Holy Fire to act against this terror. No amount of sugar coating will sweeten this truth. God has called me to speak out. I am not ashamed. I will be a voice for the unborn. The truth is as simple as this; life is life. That can not be changed. The 'choice' to abort is selfish. And it is a crying shame that people can turn their heads and say that a fetus isn't a living human being. It is a crying shame that I need to make this post. It is a crying shame that we live in a world that doesn't value the life of innocent babies while claiming to value life insomuch that everyone deserves everything their heart desires! It is a crying shame. I ask you to watch this video
and then say that baby wasn't alive and that it was in the best interest of the 'mother' to abort it. I dare you to be real. I dare you to look at life for what it has become... a simple struggle to be selfish, to do only what you want, when you want and how you want. Simply because you have that 'right'. I tell you now as an angry mother, a broken hearted child of God, that choices have consequences. Nothing is free or easy. That, my friend, is a fact of life. Better know now, we are accountable for our choices. How can a society think killing a child is a fair trade off for a few more parties, a bigger pay check, less responsibilities? Nightmares, depression, guilt, shame, suicide, infertility, are all known repercussions of abortion. Is that a fair trade off? Because whether or not you believe in my God, a god of your choice, no god, science, or no science.... calling something not does not change the fact that it is. You can not change fact by turning your head or wishing it away. Regardless of your 'position' facts remain facts. And the fact here is that at conception life starts. That new life contains it's own DNA separate from the mother. DNA that has already decided skin, hair and eye color. DNA that has already decided likes and dislikes. Whether it is just starting to grow or is a hundred years old doesn't change the fact that it is still life. Ignoring this is a crying shame. Empty arms and aching hearts slip through sleepless nights hoping and praying for a child, a baby to call their own, while infants are brutally murdered daily. Somewhere there is a woman with an empty womb pleading and another selfishly destroying. That, my friend, is a crying shame.

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